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Practical strategies to combat burnout, support better engagement and well-being in the workplace.

We met in the midst of our chaotic lives, juggling young kids and demanding careers. We quickly learned that we had something else in common: a passion for a flexible, balanced, and human-centric approach to work. Together, we're on a mission to support purpose-driven teams and leaders find ways to do impactful work while taking care of themselves and each other. 


Through coaching, facilitated discussions, and customized trainings, we help teams and leaders identify and implement practical solutions that work within their unique contexts so they can build a thriving team and a successful business. 

From our Clients

"Huong is a talented career coach and always a pleasure to spend time with. She offers many helpful tools and practical ideas that can be actioned with ease. After working with her, I was able to shift how I approach work to have very positive lasting impacts on my well-being. It’s been life changing and I’m so appreciative of her wise and thoughtful guidance."

Bekki H.

"The content is very organized and not overwhelming. It has given me tangle ways to identify burnout and how to manage it - wow! Can't wait to test this out."

Workshop participant

"We absolutely could not have come this far without your thoughtful, compassionate and practical guidance and collaboration. We know we still have a long way to go to put these boundaries into practice, but now we've got some very solid tools to help us get there. So grateful to have you both in our corner!"

Erin B.K.

"Huong forced tremendous accountability on me in a super positive way, for finding work-life balances from things like a smartphone to email to carving off time for leisure or well-being or family etc.

Just the perfect balance of love, accountability, action items along with active listening and therapy-like meetings with follow-up and nudging me just the perfect amount.

Having worked with crossfit coaches, personal trainers, a bodybuilding coach for a competition, a business coach, and several mentors over my career, this was very unique in terms of the experience, and in so many respects probably the most valuable!"

Chris V.

Services for Teams

Workshops, coaching, and resources to help your team address stress and burnout and improve their well-being and engagement at work.

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Customized workshops on stress and burnout management, healthy boundaries, and rest. 



One-on-one or group coaching to help your team manage stress, foster boundaries, develop leadership and strengthen problem-solving.



Guidance in building a well workplace where workers thrive and teams succeed.


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