Coaching for Career & Life Well-being 

The workplace is changing. How we work and how we support our people needs to change as well.


Our goal is to create a sustainable, thriving workforce that prioritizes well-being and flexibility.


We offer individual and group career coaching for professionals and organizations to support

career success, satisfaction and engagement.


Through assessments, activities and action planning, we help our clients navigate their career path and find their personal work-life balance. We also work with organizations to bring coaching into the workplace and help address workplace burnout and disengagement. 

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We met in the midst of our chaotic lives, juggling young kids and challenging careers. We quickly learned that we had something else in common.


We both wanted to continue our careers and also wanted to be present for our families. We both believe the workplace needs to shift to allow for better balance. Not finding what we were looking for in traditional work arrangements, we both leapt from our full-time job and created a gigified career made up of part-time and contract work so we can have better work-life integration and well-being. Now, we want to help others define their personalized balance and work towards a more fulfilling career and life. This shared vision is where GigifyWork began.

We each have our own story to tell.