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Are you just tired or are you burnt out?

Download our Burnout Checklist for a quick and simple assessment of where you're at so you can get the support you need. 

Download the Burnout Checklist

Burnout Recovery

Let us help you regain your sense of self, confidence, and joy.

Burnout SUCKS. We know because we've been there, more than once, unfortunately. And we know what it takes to get to the other side, where you no longer feel overwhelmed, stuck, and hopeless.

There are three ways we can support you: our Management Burnout course, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching.

Managing Burnout Course:

In this course, you will learn: 

  • what is burnout? what are some common symptoms and early warning signs?

  • 4 effective strategies to disrupt the chronic stress cycle:

    • Unplug: how to psychologically disconnect from work when you’re not working

    • Fuel up: how to get the rest you need

    • Drop the expectations: how to stop trying to get EVERYTHING done, and focus on getting the right things done

    • Give it a voice: speak up and share what’s going on for you so you can get the support you need. 


The course is set up as a series of 7 videos that you can watch on your own time, at your own pace. While you can watch the entire course in one sitting, we highly recommend that you set aside 10-15 minutes a week to watch the videos in the following schedule so you can integrate the strategies we share in the course in how you work and live.

          Week 1: Intro & definition of burnout

          Week 2: Unplug

          Week 3: Fuel up

          Week 4: Drop the expectations

          Week 5: Give it a voice and next steps


As you go through the course, you'll have the opportunity to submit questions at any time for further support. Once you've purchased the course, you will retain access to all materials and any future update videos for 12 months.


Cost: $45. 

One-on-one coaching:

Our burnout coaching approach helps you:

  • explore the root cause of your burnout (otherwise you're bound to repeat it, like we did). 

  • learn what true rest looks like for you and find ways to incorporate rest in your busy life

  • transition to a different job, workplace, or career if necessary

  • strengthen your boundaries and ask for what you need


Group coaching:

Want the support of a community who is on a similar journey? Add your name to the waitlist below to be one of the first to know when registration opens for the burnout group coaching program!

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