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Services for Teams

Are you worried about how stress is impacting your team?

Do you find it difficult to balance the need to support your team AND pressing business demands?

Are you observing higher level of tension, absenteeism, or turnover rate than usual?

Let us partner with you to design customized training, coaching, and strategies that will improve your team's engagement and performance. 

Our process starts with a series of discovery conversations, where we take the time to really get to know your team, operating context, goals, and challenges. This will result in a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities we see for you and your team, along with specific recommended actions you can take. Then, if needed, we will partner with you to provide customized training and coaching so your team has the tools, strategies they need to move forward. Our process wraps up with a customized roadmap so you know exactly how to sustain the change within your team after we're gone. 

Modern Steps Project Management Process Infographic Graph.png

Here are a few examples of the issues we've helped different teams resolve through our partnership:

  • Extended working hours: the team was operating remotely, multiple time zones; which led many team members to feeling like they had to extend their work hours to support each other and meet their clients’ needs.

  • Disconnecting from work: the team was finding it difficult to disconnect after hours and on their vacation because of client expectations and heavy workload.

  • Meeting culture: the team was struggling with their meeting-heavy culture, leaving little room for focus work.

  • Workload and capacity: the team didn't know how to communicate with each other about their workload and capacity, especially when they're reaching their limit. There was a lot of shame, guilt, and fear that prevent both team members and leaders from having this conversation effectively so they can address issues before it's too late. 

  • Client expectations: the team didn't know when or how they could say no to a client's request without damaging the relationship and jeopardizing future business opportunities. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, let's chat and see how we can support you. Use the form below to book a complimentary discovery session. 

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