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Finding Balance: Practical Tips to Disconnect from Work and Recharge

Hey there, fellow seekers of balance and sanity! Ever felt like it's a mission impossible to switch off from work, no matter how hard you try?

Yep, we're familiar with the feeling. We've battled those pesky work thoughts ourselves during the most random moments—commutes, family time, you name it. In this video, we're sharing some tried-and-true strategies that have helped us reclaim our mental space.

Looking for a specific strategy? Here are some key moments in the videos in case you want to skip ahead to what's most relevant to you.

01:10 - Focusing on the Right Things

01:51 - Question the Autopilot

02:53 - Unplug and Set Boundaries

04:04 - Alternative Communication Channel for Urgent Matters

04:48 - Notice and Redirect Your Thoughts

05:59 - Engage in Engaging, Immersive, and Rewarding Activities

Let's Make This Real For You

These tips might seem like small switches, but trust us, they pack a punch.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to dive deeper into personalized strategies, book a one-on-one coaching session. Let's chat about how these tips can apply specifically to your situation. Hit subscribe for more unfiltered chats, share this post with your tribe, and take that first step toward reclaiming your own time.

Remember, it's more than just clicking 'log off'; it's about reclaiming your life and diving back into work on your own terms.


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