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Boundaries Management

Honour your needs so you can show up for others. 


Do you say yes even when you want to say no?

Do you feel like you can only take care of you when everyone else has  been taken care of?

Are you afraid of upsetting others when you push back? 

It is possible to be kind, helpful, AND have healthy boundaries.  Healthy boundaries are not selfish. Healthy boundaries do not damage to your career and relationship. In fact, they have the opposite effect. 

Healthy boundaries help you protect what's most important to you so you can show up for others and give from a place of generosity, instead of obligation. When you're clear on your boundaries and know how to communicate them, you build stronger, more authentic relationships. With healthy boundaries, you know how to ask for the support you need so you can enjoy work that you love and ensure you're set up to succeed. 


One-on-one coaching helps you:

  • get clear on what your boundaries are

  • understand for whom and when your boundaries can be flexible

  • become more comfortable communicating your boundaries

  • determine and enforce the consequences when someone repeatedly violates your boundaries

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