The Gig Economy

The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want!
By Diane Mulcahy

This was the book that started it all for GigifyWork! Published in 2017, Diane shares her perspectives and expertise from her MBA course that she began teaching in 2012. With the Gig Economy still considered an emerging trend at the time, her advice and ideas around how to navigate the gig economy as a worker resonate with anyone seeking to make the shift. She makes a compelling case, painting a picture of the declining stability of the full time permanent position and showing that these positions are largely disappearing in today’s work world.


How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time
By Brigid Schulte

From the first paragraph, this book grabbed our attenntion with a story that all too many of us can relate to: rushing through life, forgetting things and running late yet again. From a bold claim that we all have, on average, 30 hours of leisure time a week to sharing stories of her own struggles finding the illusive balance in life and work, Brigid’s book is a favourite of ours. It’s eye-opening, relatable, thought provoking and entertaining.

The Gig is Up

Thrive in the Gig Economy, Where Old Jobs are Obsolete and Freelancing is the Future
By Olga Mizrahi

Fresh off the presses in 2018, this quick and easy read takes a broad look at the Gig Economy from the perspective of the worker. In particular, Olga gives an overview of how technology is changing the way we work with online platforms that connect workers to gigs, and how gig workers can differentiate themselves in a world where more workers are becoming ‘the business’.

I Don't Know How She Does it

By Allison Pearson

This fictional story follows a high-powered hedge-fund through her chaotic life and internal dialogue of endless to do lists, constant self-chastising, and working mom guilt. This entertaining read has moments of light-hearted humour and painful reality as you follow along in the struggle of keeping everything going - the kids, the house, the marriage, the career, the friendships - while maintaining some sanity.

If anything, this book gives a good laugh and a break from your real-life chaos.