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Career Transitions

A work-life integrated approach to career coaching.

Going beyond traditional career coaching approach,  we facilitate a holistic process to assess which of the following six factors need to improve to better support your happiness and well-being:

  • Support at work:  support from your supervisor, your employer, and your colleagues to help you succeed at work and manage the demands of life. 

  • Support in life:  support from friends, family, and other third-parties to help you manage personal responsibilities.

  • Alignment: the alignment between your work and your values, purpose, interest, and skills set.

  • Flexibility:  the flexibility that you have to help you manage the demands of work and life as needed.

  • Finance: your financial situation and how it meets your current and future needs. 

  • Boundaries: your ability to ask for help, to establish and honour your boundaries.

From there, we work with you to gain clarity on your ideal work-life picture, and support you to make it come alive. Along the way, we'll also provide personalized training on the skills you need to master to make a successful transition, such as resume writing, networking, and interviews strategies.

Ready to reclaim your life and fall in love with your work again? Book a free info session to get started!